Very functional
storage for business

Our business storage units are meticulously crafted to provide optimal storage, structure, and organization for employees. They can also be used in larger office environments as partitions to create functional workspaces.

These units feature sliding doors and come in a range of colors. They boast a timeless Danish aesthetic that will remain relevant for years to come.

The robust stability of our storage solutions is immediately apparent and a hallmark of their solid design. Additionally, they are locally manufactured with minimal environmental impact and calculated CO2 values.

Finally, they are made with the least possible use of plastic, embodying our commitment to sustainability.

jensenplus k2 tank storage cabinet

K2 Tank

jensenplus k2 depot storange cabinet storage with sliding doors 1

K2 Depot

jensenplus k2 caddy personal storage cabinet under table front in all colors

K2 Caddy

jensenplus blackbox storage sliding doors elegant lars vejen l180cm


Choosing the
right kind
of storage

In our product range, we offer a variety of storage sizes for businesses, as each solution serves a different purpose.

Before investing in new storage solutions for your business, it is important to consider several options.

First, you should determine the intended function of the shelf in daily use.

Will it serve as a practical storage unit for papers, binders, and office supplies for employees, or will it be used in a lounge environment to create a cozy atmosphere?

Alternatively, should the shelf be designed for privacy, shielding guests and employees from distractions?

Design matters for office storage cabinets because it affects functionality, aesthetics, and productivity.

Efficient layout, durable materials, and appealing appearance can enhance organization, workflow, and employee morale, making it a crucial factor in creating an efficient and pleasant office environment.

With a storage solution from JENSENplus, you can customize your cabinet to match your needs.

Our cabinets, like all JENSENplus products, are made in Denmark to reduce plastic usage and minimize our environmental impact. Each storage cabinet has a calculated CO2e value, and we are actively striving to reduce our footprint on the world we inhabit.