K2 Depot

Sideboard and storage cabinet with sliding doors in many colors

Whether K2 Depot 1800-2 is placed in the office, hotel room or someplace else, it is a delight to the eye with its elegant and thin sliding doors and very sharp lines. The sideboard is architect-drawn by Friis and Moltke for JENSENplus. K2 Depot is a pleasure to look at with its light sliding doors, which are fastened to the outside of the cabinet, which makes the doors able to move back and forth without friction. It’s flexible in configuration, so you can choose the doors in any color you like.

K2 Depot 1800-2 combines the practical function with a beautiful stylish design. Sharp lines, thin sliding doors, a grand selection of colors and optimal utilization of the furniture, is what defines K2 Depot 1800-2. The option to customize K2 Depot 1800-2 makes you able to create the optimal storage solution which fits exactly your needs.

– K2 depot 1800-2 has an elegant expression which suits most office furnishings

– A perfect piece of furniture, if discreet shielding or decoration of the room is wished

– An obvious choice for the hotel room, where the sideboard both offers the opportunity for both storage and aesthetics

– Can be used in restaurants, where the powerful stability comes to its right

This product can be customized to match your requirement for size, material and color.

K2 Depot sideboard storage jensenplus 684x497
K2 Depot sideboard storage colors sliding doors jensenplus
K2 Depot storage sideboard sliding doors 456x497

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This product was designed by

Mikkel Bahr

The keyword of Mikkel Bahr’s designs is simplicity – in both the expression and the production.
And yet he still manages to add a little bit of crookedness to his products that gives them personality and recognisability.