Looking for furniture to encourage learning?

JENSENplus offers a wide range of customizable lecterns, desks, and benches that are perfect for any learning environment.

Our products are designed to fit any budget and style.

We take pride in manufacturing our products close to home, with a focus on reducing our environmental impact by calculating the CO2e emissions.


A lectern is a vital furniture item for various speaking engagements such as lectures, conferences, and teaching sessions, whether for a large audience or a smaller group.

It not only provides a sense of authority to the speaker but also serves as a practical tool to hold notes, papers, and other important materials.

Moreover, the lectern acts as a steady and reliable anchor on the stage, allowing the speaker to move around while always having a designated spot to return to.

jensenplus k2 speak s lectern podium

K2 Speak S

jensenplus k2 speak m lectern podium

K2 Speak M

jensenplus k2 speak l podium lectern

K2 Speak L

Learning desks

Our desks have versatile functionality, serving as both meeting and lunch tables in the office.

They make an excellent lunchroom table due to their sturdy stability and easy-to-clean surfaces.

Additionally, our desks can function as teaching tables in educational settings or as tables for large conferences.

jensenplus k2 eating benching set for public spaces school education learning canteen

K2 Eating

jensenplus fm note stack table learning school education

FM Note

jensenplus diner table removable legs color base hospitality conference

Diner Table

Benching set

Our table and bench set is an excellent choice for lunchrooms and active learning in school environments due to its high sturdiness.

Additionally, our benches can be utilized in kindergartens and outdoor areas in and around the office as a future-proof option.

We manufacture our products close to home, use minimal plastic, and implement measures for CO2e reduction, ensuring our commitment to sustainability.

jensenplus k2 eating benching set for public spaces school education learning canteen

K2 Eating

How to
choose the
right lectern?

Opting for an open lectern allows for an unobstructed view of wires, papers, and other items, creating an informal atmosphere that encourages improvisation and dialogue.

This type of lectern is particularly suitable for smaller spaces where lectures and teachings are conducted for a small audience.

Moreover, its subtle appearance blends well with any decor, without overpowering the room.

The semi open lectern provides a versatile solution that is suitable for both formal and informal lectures.

With this design, you have the option to conceal items such as papers, computers, and water while still having the benefit of open sides.

Additionally, the full front of the lectern can be utilized for displaying logos and brand names, making it a great choice for corporate events and presentations.

A lectern with a closed design gives an impression of formality and adds gravitas to a stage or podium.

It is essential for the lectern to have ample space around it to avoid looking cramped and oppressive.

The sturdy construction of a closed lectern ensures complete privacy when conducting crucial conferences or lectures.

It is easy to conceal technical equipment, folders, and notes within the confines of a closed lectern.

Opting for a closed lectern guarantees long-lasting durability, as you can choose a color and shape that complements your existing interior.

Extra equipment

When choosing a microphone for your lectern, it’s important to consider the speaker’s needs.

If the speaker prefers to move around the stage, a headset microphone may be the best option.

However, if a handheld microphone is sufficient, that may be a simpler solution.

Alternatively, the lectern itself can have a built-in microphone.

Another factor to consider is lighting. If the lectern will only be used for speeches, it may be helpful to have a light source built into the design, allowing the speaker to adjust the lighting as needed.