Do you need
a great
lounge table?

At JENSENplus we have different lounge tables in different sizes, which serves different purposes. 

Lounge tables, which can be used as a coffee table, meeting table, bedside table or something completely different.

A lounge table for every room

A lounge table is a special piece of furniture, it gathers people around. The lounge table is becoming more and more popular both at home and at work, and there’s a good reason. The furniture designers have really taken care of the lounge table’s many possibilities, and therefore it is today designed for all rooms and for all purposes.

At JENSENplus we have a narrow range – but nevertheless an assortment that covers most people’s needs, as most tables can be customised. We focus on creating tables that you do not find anywhere else, and we give our tables all the necessary love, as we enjoy good workmanship and great details.

The many uses of a lounge table

Lounge tables are today used for many different purposes. A few years ago, you only looked at the lounge table as another expression of a coffee table. Today, the lounge table is used quite like a coffee table, but it is placed just as often in the bedroom as an alternative to a normal bedside table or as a meeting table at the workplace.

Designs are designed for different purposes, and at JENSENplus we offer different lounge desks that cover different needs. A high quality timeless lounge table can be a companion throughout your life if you feel like it and take good care of it.

Lounge tables with a durable design

What should your lounge table express? The actual design on the lounge table means a lot. Often it may be a good idea to look at yourself as a person before making a final decision about the purchase of a lounge table. Often such a process happens completely unconsciously and helps creates synergies in your home furnishings as your furniture reflects your personality.

At JENSENplus, our design is based on the desire to cover a wide range of needs and wishes. Our designs, therefore, exude romance, minimalism, volume, diversity and much more, where you can make the most of it yourself.