Looking for the perfect meeting table?
You've found it!

At JENSENplus we have round, rectangular and high meeting tables which all are fully customizable to fit into any office or project. Something for every taste and budget.

All colors. All sizes. All heights. All shapes, forms and edges. The choice is yours.

All tables are available with integrated power. K2 Meeting has hidden cable management (optional).

Round meeting tables

There is always room for one more around a round meeting table, and no one has to sit on a chair in the corner and feel left out. The round table encourages conversations. The table can be designed with a hole in the middle for extension cords. The hole in the middle can also be used for other things; you can, for example, attach lamps so they shed light on the entire table. For use e.g. in the meeting room, canteens or as a dining table in restaurants

Square meeting tables

Our meeting tables was originally designed to create a classic, timeless meeting tables focusing on functionality, design and durability. However, the tables can be used for far more purposes than just meetings, and in fact the table has also proved to be a success as a dining table in private homes. Our meeting tables is, of course, also used in offices where the table is an all-in-one solution that allows it to be used for a variety of purposes.

High meeting tables

High meeting tables invites to a dialogue-based meeting where all meeting-participants participate on equal terms. A round meeting table has the great advantage that everyone around the meeting table feels more open and willing to bid into the conversation. A round meeting table creates development and innovation, and opens up new ideas.

Classic and functional meeting tables?

The design of a meeting table is extremely important. In fact, a meeting table can help create a better business, and the opposite can be true if you make a wrong decision about the choice of meeting table. It is necessary to make clear what the purpose of the meeting table is. 

If the intention is to create a dialogue where all participants are equal, then a round of meeting table should be considered. If the roles between different meeting participants should be visible, then consider a square or an extendable meeting table. 

A square or rectangular meeting table can of course also be used, without the roles between meeting participants being visible – it’s just placing the participants around the meeting table.

Our meeting tables are of the highest quality from top to bottom. Some of the most recognized furniture designs come from Denmark, and at JENSENplus we only deal with the best products and materials that can be used for the development and production of Danish design. 

We are proud to represent Denmark with our furniture design, and we guarantee that with a meeting table from JENSENplus you have the best basis for hosting a successful meeting.