We have great
solutions for the
office wardrobe

JENSENplus provides a range of personalized office wardrobe solutions designed to meet your specific needs.

Our products are characterized by clean lines, exceptional functionality, a minimalist aesthetic, and exceptional durability.

All of our products for wardrobe are locally produced, and we strive to avoid plastic whenever possible.

As with all our offerings, we continue to work with the CO2 emissions to minimize our environmental impact

jensenplus hole on hook wardrobe storage lars vejen

Hole On

jensenplus fm wardrobe coat storage seat bench integrated

FM Wardrobe

jensenplus fm hooks coatrach hidden knots extra storage steel black

FM Hooks

Wardrobe with
endless styling

The clothing rack provides a contemporary and refreshing alternative to the conventional closet wardrobe.

It serves as an excellent display for your favorite clothes and an excellent complement to the wardrobe shelves, presenting hanged clothes in a visually appealing manner.

The FM Wardrobe, when standing on the floor, offers a robust clothing rack that also includes an oak shoe rack to store your shoes and bags.

Opt for a minimalist clothing rack to maximize your wardrobe’s space.

Hole On, our innovative response to traditional hooks, stands out on the market.

With Hole On, you will always know the location of your keys, phone, and other essentials.

Additionally, the round shape of Hole On adds a unique touch, as it can be rotated to point in different directions if multiple ones are combined.