BLACKBOX Storage serves numerous purposes. The cabinet can, for example, be used as a multifunctional room divider, which frames or separates the office while at the same time bringing order to all those folders and papers.

– Option to choose specific colors for the edges and make the large surfaces in e.g. oak, if desired.

– BLACKBOX Storages timeless design assures the shelf a long lifetime

– At the same time, the shelf is constructed, so it is possible to replace single parts if they are damaged. This makes the product extraordinarily sustainable

– Four wheels are fastened to the bottom of the shelf, so the shelf can easily be moved around the building when there is a need for refreshing of the furnishing

Place BLACKBOX Storage next to the workstation and get joy from practical storage and the screening effect. The shelf can also be placed in corridor spaces, where it contributes with a harmonic and calm expression to the rest of the décor.

This product can be customized to match your requirement for size, material and color.

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This product was designed by

Lars Vejen

Lars Vejen is not wild or fluttering in the look and shape of his designs. Instead he likes to create classic quality and simple designs. However, he still manages to add a uniqueness to the designs which makes them stand out from the crowd.​