Our chairs are perfect for conferences and meetings

A perfect meeting and conference chair is located between the intersection of finesse and whimsy. Meeting chairs can be classic, timeless and trend based. With or without upholstery and a base in different materials.

Choose the right chair

Choose the right chair

Finding the right meeting/conference chair can be a quite difficult job. First of all, you need to consider how many hours you will be using the meeting chairs? If you only use the meeting chairs few hours a day it is not necessary to have an ergonomic meeting chair with several options. Do also consider if the meeting chairs must suit the existing interior or should have a more eye-catching design. Is it necessary with armrest, wheels or a base without upholstery?

A meeting chair can be used in different situations. It is important to consider where to place the meeting chairs.

Obvious places for meeting chairs could be:

• Meeting rooms
• As an office chair
• Conferences
• Hallways
• Waiting rooms

The history behind K2 Chair

At JENSENplus we have developed our own meeting chair, K2 Chair, together with architect Mikkel Bahr from Friis & Moltke. A re-design of the popular meeting chair, model 6000, drawn by Friis & Moltke architects in the 60’s and known for its proportionality and perfectum participium. In 2012 the K2 meeting chair got a new look but still kept its simple lines.

The base of K2 chair consists of only one piece of 12 mm steel rod. This gives the meeting chair a very geometric look with round and soft edges. Pick the seat in the materials you like and choose between black stained ash or oak and with or without upholstery in different colours.

Lasting conference chairs

Finding a conference chair with great stability and long lifetime can be difficult. So many opportunities. Most important is to letting people interact with each other. 

When looking for a conference chair for conference rooms or maybe classrooms be aware of versatility – a design that fits all types of bodies but also flexibility like easy to manage, clean and move around. The K2 Chair from can very well be used in conference rooms as well as class rooms. This chair is stackable. This gives you the opportunity to stack 50 meeting chairs in just one meters.