We are made in Denmark

At JENSENplus we have been dedicated about producing Danish furniture design since 1930. Our passion for good craftsmanship, furniture design and creating value when using our products is very high. Because of our long history with furniture design, we have a natural commitment to make an effort and create unique furniture which naturally takes distance from cheap and mass-produced furniture with a short life time. The way we see it quality is formed by distinctiveness, timeless and solid craftsmanship. Therefor that’s exactly what we distribute, sell and produce.

Our history

In order to understand who JENSENplus is, we need to take a trip back in history. It all started in 1930 at a little back yard in Brødregade, Randers. Harald Nielsen established Harald Nielsen Store- and Office Furniture. The factory quickly became a success and was moved to Pramvej 7 in Randers. In 1989 the first generation change was made. In 1999 the furniture factory moved to the present location, Frederiksdalvej in Randers. A building drawn by Schmidt Hammer Lassen that started as a simple drawing on a napkin and ended up receiving the first architecture award in Randers in year 2000.

JENSENplus today

The original, the crooked and the unique has always been the cornerstone in the development of new products at JENSENplus. And that is the foundation we built upon. To us it is all about bringing solid craftsmanship and innovative thinking together. The experimental way of thinking is the reason why we today are capable of delivering design that works, that surprise and expands the viewers idea of how a furniture can and should look. JENSENplus is a small company but we are a strong company. Because of our size and structure, we are very flexible on the furniture marked. Our open mind, enterprises and dynamic makes us capable of turning costumers wants and needs into furniture.

Find us here

Frederiksdalvej 8
8940 Randers SV
T: +45 5363 0000