As functional seating...?

The pouf, K2 Seat from JENSENplus is Danish design from Friis and Moltke architects for JENSENplus. 

The pouf can be used in all types of homes, rooms and in your business.

Let our pouf offer you functional seating, which helps you with better ergonomics and enhanced sence of balance.

K2 Seat is a great supplement for a dining chair or an office chair, as it is easy to move around and stow away.

Add a functional piece of furniture to your home with our ergonomic pouf, that you can get in a variety of exciting colors.

A very ergonomic pouf

The pouf K2 Seat is created of architect Mikkel Bahr from Friis & Moltke, with the goal of present itself as a catalysator for creativity and focused work at the same time. 

The special rotating floor of massive cork does not leave marks on the floor and helps challenge the sense of balance whilst also securing great ergonomics. 

The pouf, K2 seats is delivered with a strop that makes it easy to lift and move around with the pouf. This functional pouf is great for making environments informal which celebrates creativity and the quirky ideas.

The pouf K2 seat can be used in many ways, which makes the design completely unique and very useful in your everyday life. 

K2 seat offers extra seating and the many uses, makes the pouf a very practical necessity in your home or at your business.

The pouf as a tool in learning environments

Our pouf has a very ergonomic design, which suits both children and youngsters in educational context where lack of concentration can be difficult. The rotating base is great for de-stressing and contributes to heightened concentration.

Therefore, the pouf is great for both the teenage room in your private home, but also for groupwork in schools and other institutions.

The pouf as informal office seating

The K2 seat is created to offer comfort, wherever it is used. Therefore, it can be used in many different rooms in your business, e.g. in the break room, at working stations, in the waiting room or in lounge areas.

Is your back in need of another seating-position during the day? The pouf K2 seat can easily be put under your desk and be pulled out, when it is necessary to relieve your back from the normal office chair. Let your upper and lower back work with finding the balance and feel how you get renewed energy for the rest of your working day.