Looking for the perfect high table?

If you add a high table in your office, you always have a convenient place for short meals, coffee breaks, and cozy conversations. We never compromise on our design.

Our high tables

Our high tables

With a high table it becomes possible to eat a quick breakfast, drink a cup of coffee or have an unformal conversation. All of our high tables come in different styles and sizes. Solid construction is our keyword when designing high table for everyday use whatever you place the high table at home or in business areas.

All of our high tables are designed by architect Mikkel Bahr from Friis & Moltke. This gives the high tables a simple and elegant expression with natural materials build to give the high table a long lifetime. Explore our world of high tables and find your new favourite spot to pace it.


High tables for your home

A high table in your private home is a perfect idea. The high table has so many opportunities like placing it in your kitchen area to give your food a little lift upstairs. With a high table in the kitchen area it becomes easy to read the news, drink coffee and eat a bite while still want to leave in a hurry every morning.

A high table is also perfect if you want to include your children when cooking dinner or be a helping hand while doing homework. A high table is a perfect spot to sit for few minutes or several hours. With our minimalistic design you will have no problem with including our high tables into your already existing style.

High tables for the office

How about having a meeting in high style? Let us explain this concept. Sometimes a meeting doesn’t have to be too formal. It is becoming more and more generally to place relaxed areas in big companies like lounge areas and cafeterias where it is okay to socialize and take a little creative break.

This can be very effective to gain colleagues effort. Let the coffee machine area be the perfect spot for creative meetings by establishing an area with high tables. Make it easy for every employee to take 15 minutes of brainstorm and avoid that the conference rooms get too crowded. This is a win-win for both business and employees.