The classic height adjustable desk

If you’re looking for a stylish and functional height adjustable table, the JP700 is an excellent choice.

Made from high-quality materials and components, this eco-friendly table is locally produced with a low carbon footprint and an accurately calculated CO2e value.

With a 5-year guarantee, you can trust it to provide long-lasting assurance. Its classic height adjustable design is perfect for any workspace, offering comfort, style, and versatility.

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NOTE: For professionals/dealers/architects/designers only. 

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jensenplus jp700 height adjustable desk for office best in test classic t base 3 stage
jensenplus jp700 3 stage height adjustable square round foot t base classic best in test
JENSENplus Customize height adjustable desk with pouf K2 Seat e1696499387954
jensenplus customize large pen tray for height adjustable desk 1 e1696408629942
jensenplus jp700 height adjustable table with k2 seat ergonomic pouf and edges in multiplex black linoleum
jensenplus customize height adjustable desk blackstained ash 1 e1696500252871
jensenplus jp700 3 stage height adjustable square round foot t base
JENSENplus detail of foot for height adjustable desk JP700 e1696500324925

Standard materials





Base / frame

Standard sizes


jensenplus k2 tank storage cabinet
K2 Tank
jensenplus k2 screen acoustic for height adjustable table grey any size 1
K2 Screen
jensenplus k2 caddy personal storage cabinet under table front in all colors
K2 Caddy
JENSENplus Desk Drawer large black pen tray transp
Desk Drawer

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