When all details are aligned

BLACKBOX Workdesk salutes the simple form of design – minimalism. The height adjustable table is extremely functional and offers height adjustment, which assures you a good work posture. The desk has a classic T-shaped base, which gives good stability. BLACKBOX Workdesk is not only modern today, it also will be in 10 years.

– At a distance, the desk might seem simple. But if you take a close look, you will notice details which make the table very interesting. No design is random in BLACKBOX Workdesk.

– The thickness of the tabletop is 12 mm. The exact same thickness is found in the foot, the width of the cable trays and the height of the cable block. Worded differently, everything is thought though down to the smallest detail.

– Get joy from powerful stability, a timeless expression and large amount of detail.

– The adjustable height helps to improve the ergonomics during the work day.

BLACKBOX Workdesk is a perfect fit for business furnishing of office environments. The body and tabletop can be composed of different materials, depending on what best fits the décor.

This product can be customized to match your requirement for size, material and color.

JENSENplus blackbox work desk POM cable outlet

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This product was designed by

Lars Vejen

Lars Vejen is not wild or fluttering in the look and shape of his designs. Instead he likes to create classic quality and simple designs. However, he still manages to add a uniqueness to the designs which makes them stand out from the crowd.