Meeting tables

Our meeting tables are the essence of a good dialogue. Choosing the right meeting table for the workplace can be challenging. There are many aspects to deal with, whether the meeting table is to be used for internal meetings or for meetings with external people. For that matter, you should carefully consider what features the meeting table should have. At JENSENplus we have meeting tables that can meet every need. We have meeting tables in different sizes, materials and in different shapes and we can customize the meeting tables according to your wishes.

Meeting Tables from Denmark

Our meeting tables are of the highest quality from top to bottom. Some of the most recognized furniture designs come from Denmark, and at JENSENplus we only deal with the best products and materials that can be used for the development and production of Danish design. We are proud to represent Denmark with our furniture design, and we guarantee that with a meeting table from JENSENplus you have the best basis for hosting a successful meeting.

The design and shape of the meeting table mean everything

The design of a meeting table is extremely important. In fact, a meeting table can help create a better business, and the opposite can be true if you make a wrong decision about the choice of meeting table. It is necessary to make clear what the purpose of the meeting table is. If the intention is to create a dialogue where all participants are equal, then a round of meeting table should be considered. If the roles between different meeting participants should be visible, then consider a square or an extendable meeting table. A square or oblong meeting table can of course also be used, without the roles between meeting participants being visible - it's just about how to place the participants around the meeting table.

Meet a couple of our meeting tables from JENSENplus

ROD72 — the endless meeting table

ROD72 is a simple and stylish meeting table that fits into virtually all environments. The table is designed for the purpose of having the opportunity to put together more tables so that the size of the meeting table always fits the number of participants. The meeting table is of the highest quality and it can be used for a number of years if it is properly treated. With ROD72 you can create the right expression by combining your favorite table top with table legs in a beautiful powder-painted color. An extremely practical meeting table with built-in cable tray for power and wiring.

ROD71 — A classic, functional and sustainable meeting table

ROD71 is the obvious meeting table for you , if you want classic functional design. The ROD71 has a rectangular design that allows the meeting table to be used for various types of meetings. A rectangular design makes it possible to create a hierarchical structure between the meeting participants, but it also makes it possible to create a dialogue-based and more flat structure if the meeting participants sit side by side. ROD71 is designed with a focus on the environment, it therefore consists of sustainable and natural materials. The meeting table is available in several different sizes.

ROD5 — The meeting table that creates successful communication

ROD5 is a round meeting table, manufactured in a variety of materials and sizes. ROD5 invites a dialogue-based meeting where all meeting participants participate on equal terms. A round meeting table has the great advantage that everyone around the meeting table feels more open and willing to bid. A round meeting table creates development and innovation, and opens up new ideas.

K2 meeting — meeting table with many options

K2 meeting was originally designed to create a classic, timeless meeting table focusing on functionality, design and durability. However, the table can be used for far more purposes than just meetings, and in fact the table has also proved to be a success as a dining table in private homes. K2 meeting is, of course, also used in workplaces where the table is an all-in-one solution that allows it to be used for a variety of purposes.

ROD3 — a massive and elegant meeting table

ROD3 is a table that can be used for endless purposes. Not least, ROD3 is an informal meeting table where you can talk over a cup of coffee. The table legs are made of solid steel, which makes it very stable. In addition, the table top comes in linoleum, oak and laminate, as all three complement the table legs very well.

K2 Talk — a simple and informal meeting table

K2 Talk is a simple and informal meeting table whose design is inspired by classic savvy principles. The table is particularly suitable for educational institutions or other places where there is room for creativity and dialogue. The table invites for spontaneous informal meetings, where there is room for idea generation and creative development.

The designer behind our meeting tables

The designer behind our meeting table is the renowned architect Mikkel Bahr from one of Denmark's largest architectural firms Friis & Moltke. Mikkel Bahr has many years of experience as an architect and furniture designer, and therefore his designs are based on the many experiences he has made throughout the time. Mikkel Bahr's designs are simple and functional, and sometimes they are combined with small flaws of contemporary trends. In addition to our meeting tables, Mikkel Bahr has designed several of our complementary furniture for the meeting tables so that you can create a stunning contiguous style.

Chairs for your meeting table

We of course have chairs that fit the meeting table. Our range of chairs is wide, so whereever the meeting table has to be placed or what purpose it should serve, we have chairs suitable for that. We have ordinary meeting chairs, lounge chairs and bar stools, each of which complements the various variants of meeting tables we have. At JENSENplus, we always focus on creating consistency, and our furniture is always designed to make it possible to assemble them with other variants from our range if you want.

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