At JENSENplus we have a wide range of tables for both private homes and businesses. Our range includes meeting tables, dining tables, high tables, lounge tables and working desks. Common to all our tables is that Danish design and production are done with precision and high degree of detail. Behind each table design is architect Mikke Bahr from Friis & Moltke and architect Lars Vejen, who both have many successful years as furniture designers.

At JENSENplus we strive to deliver timeless design that can be tailored to your wishes. This combination makes the furniture adapt to your style and personal objects, so the overall expression always radiates your personality.

Further down this page you will find information about our tables as well as inspiration for how to use the tables and other of our furniture in your home or business.

Tables for all purposes

A table has incredibly many features, but one of the most important function is that at table often brings people together. A table is used every day, so it is crucial that the quality is top notch, but also that the table is a delight to the eye.

At JENSENplus we have to accommodate all rooms. We have a wide range of tables, and many of them can be tailor-made to suit your home or workplace. All our tables have in common that they are made of the best natural materials such as concrete, wood and steel. No plastic. Our tables have a long service life, which is due to the carefully selected materials on which the table is built. We are convinced that good craftsmanship pays off, and especially important when it comes to tables, which is one of the furniture we use most in everyday life.

One table – many applications

Many tables are designed so they fit into several different rooms. This means that the same table can work as a dining table, lounge table or meeting table for that matter. With the many applications, you have the option to select the table you like, and it will most likely be used in many different rooms. Many of us love to unfold creatively and be innovative in our approach to interior design, while at the same time wishing to have high quality designer furniture. These two things can sometimes be two opposites - but this does not necessarily have to be. At JENSENplus we design our tables with the starting point that the table does not necessarily have to be the same location in your home for the next 20 years. Our timeless table design makes it possible to move the table from one room to another, so you can both be creative in your interior and at the same time have furniture that is sparkling design pearls.

Consider this before buying a new table

When you need a new table, it is crucial that you have clearly made the purpose for the table to serve. Within the individual categories of designs there are different designs, and whatever the table is used for, it is necessary that the design meets the desired purpose. For example, if you are looking for a new meeting table, it is relevant to consider whether the table should be round or square.

Should the meeting table divide the participants into hierarchy, or is it important that all participants feel equal and participate equally in the dialogue? For the former purpose you should choose a square table and at the latter you should consider a round table.

The example of the meeting table should only be seen for what it is - an example. All designs are different, and different designs can be used in different rooms with widely different purposes. The message from JENSENplus is simply that it is necessary to make some thoughts about what needs the table to meet. If you come with an inquiry or wish, we are more than ready to help you on your way to your new dream table.

Table expression and application

What impression do you want your table to give yourself and others? Whether your table is at home or at work, one of the best ways to choose a table is to look at your personal style or e.g. the company’s identity if you are looking for at working desk. A table, like all other furniture, has different expressions, all of which send some signals about who lives in the home or what kind of business is in the premises. Often the decision-making process when buying furniture or other things is unconscious, and often it can be very long and there may be many influences involved in the process. You can make the process shorter by looking at some of your or the company's core values and identity and let the table reflect your attitude.

Chairs for your table

We do of course have chairs that fit our tables. Our chairs are like the rest of our design made by architects with many years of experience in the furniture industry. Our chairs consist of a wide range of timeless designs, as well as designs adapted to today's trends in Danish furniture design.

The combination of different furniture forms the overall expression – and this overall view are always with us in our design. Our tables and chairs therefore fit perfectly together, and together they create a cosy atmosphere in the room.

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