The sideboard is a perfect piece of furniture for your home. You can place sideboards in your living room, the kitchen, children’s room, the hall or the bedroom. All of our sideboards are made by Danish architect Mikkel Bahr from Friis & Moltke. This means that you can enjoy a minimalistic and simple design with great details. All our sideboards are made by natural materials and is truly value for money with its very solid construction and long-lasting design. Choose between different fronts like K2 colors and Monochrome colors and a base in either black or white. Our sideboards have a timeless expression which will suit both a minimalistic, romantic and modern style.

K2 Depot – the multifunctional sideboard

Maybe you are looking for a perfect sideboard to match your dining table or your sofa? You don’t need to look any further. With K2 Depot from JENSENplus you can choose between different colors, heights and number of shelves. Choosing a base in white you will get a sideboard that suits almost all types of furniture and have a lovely neutral look. If you are more into the darker colors like black this is also available with K2 Depot. Feel free to slide the door to one side and play with the different rooms the K2 Depot offers. K2 Depot is a freestanding sideboard perfect to place along wall wherever you like. Play around with colors and sizes and find your new sideboard from JENSENplus.

What to consider when shopping a new sideboard

When looking for a sideboard it is important to consider which purpose the sideboard must fulfil and what your intentions with the sideboard is. Must the sideboard be a helping hand for your kitchen like storage of dishes or must the sideboard be a perfect place to hide away stuff in the bedroom or living room? If you consider a new sideboard you need to look at your total cost of ownership. Do you want a sideboard to last a couple of years and then throw away or are you looking for long lasting design that can stay with you through life? We only develop sideboards with a long lifetime. Therefore, our sideboards are built to place in different business areas because the daily wear and tear are very high and this is what our design must endure.

How to use and decorate with a sideboard

The most sideboards are made to personalize your home or business. Therefore, it is important that you choose a sideboard with the right dimensions, so it fits into your room. The sideboard really allows you to style it like you want to. We have gathered some tips for you about how to style and use your sideboard:

Use your sideboard...

As a TV-cabinet

As a dresser in your bedroom

In your kitchen

A sideboard makes it easier for you to clean your living room in a hurry. Often it is difficult to hide small things like a gaming console, children’s toys and other accessories. With a sideboard you can place beautiful décor pieces and at the same time stow stuff away. Place a TV on the top of the sideboard and gain full value of your sideboard.

The sideboard is the perfect combination of hidden shelves and large surfaces which is very useful in a bedroom. Use the sideboard as a wardrobe to show some shoes, blouses and pants and hide away your socks.

The sideboard is perfect for storage in the kitchen. Place your favourite wine, gin and make it your own personal bar. The sideboard is also perfect for storage of extra plates, serving trays and dishtowels. You can also use the sideboard to create a buffet for your guests and place aperitifs and drinks. Bon appetite!

At JENSENplus we want to make sure that you have a lot of possibilities for your private home or business. Are you looking for other storage than a sideboard you can take a look at the category storage. We have storage for entry, kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom.

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