In recent years it has become more and more popular to have a bar at home where you can enjoy a drink together with friends and family. Several choose to integrate the bar as part of the kitchen, which is known to be the heart of the house. A bar stool is both nice and practical in the kitchen area. With a bar stool can guests accompany the cooking, or children can help at the kitchen table. At the workplace a bar stool can be placed in the restroom or other places where you can take a more informal talk over a cup of coffee. Furthermore, the bar stool can be both practical and decorative to stand in cafe environments.

Choose the right height of your bar stool

The height of your bar stool is of course very important in terms of usability. At JENSENplus you can choose from several sizes on our bar stools. The size depends, of course, first and foremost on how high the table that the bar stool must stand by is, but it also depends on the purpose. Who is the primary user of the chair? Do you often have guests to sit at the bar stool, or must the barstools be a helping hand for the children when cooking? Are the barstools for the meeting room in the workplace or must the barstool be used in cafés? Remember to consider who the bar stools primary user is before deciding what size chair you should have.

Meet our barstools

K2 High - a further development of a world-famous bar stool

Friis & Moltke is a world-famous Danish architectural company, which has designed some of the biggest furniture classics in Danish design history. K2 High is a further development of the "Model 6000" bar stool from Friis & Moltke, which has been sold in more than 500,000 copies, and has been widely used in Danish schools. The K2 High has a thin frame that gives a minimalist expression. The chair has clean lines that are slightly softened by the shape of the frame, which comes from a 12 mm steel wire. The chair is available in several different variants, which makes it possible to customize it according to your wishes.

Blackbox bar stool - plywood is the new black

Plywood is an amazing material, and in recent years it has become more popular to use the material for the manufacture of furniture. Plywood gives a natural expression and is also incredibly durable. At JENSENplus we find that plywood is irresistible, and we find that plywood deserves to be a major part of Danish design history. Blackbox bar stool is a great combination between the minimalist expression in terms of the frame and nature in the form of the plywood seat. The bar has harmonious and clean lines that contrast well with the collection on the chair legs that form a cross. If you want another material, the bar stool also comes with a seat of cork, creating a scratched and geometric expression. Additionally, you can choose a leather seat which create a soft and delicious look. With Blackbox bar stool you have unmatched possibilities - here's just the imagination that sets limits.

The designers behind our barstools

Mikkel Bahr

Mikkel Bahr is the chief designer and partner of the renowned architectural firm Friis & Moltke, founded in 1954. Mikkel Bahr works on the basis of a philosophy that long-term design and products of the highest quality are the way forward. Mikkel Bahr is innovative, but always keeping an eye on maintaining good traditions, as reflected in his amazing designs

Lars Vejen

Lars Vejen is an educated furniture architect, and his designs always includes simplicity and strength. Lars Vejen tries to discontinue the use-and-throw-away mentality by creating amazing bar stools and other furniture that people want to maintain. It requires something special to design new furniture in a world where new trends are emerging every day. Lars Vejen designs furniture with an eye for simplicity and functionality - so when you choose a bar stool or other furniture designed by Lars Vejen, you are not dependent on the constantly changing fashion.

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