A chair is not just a chair. A chair must be functional so you can spend many hours on it, and a benefit is that it looks nice at the same time. At JENSENplus our design rely on functionality and high durability. Our assortment consists primarily of classical and timeless chairs, which you can use for many years without getting tired of them. In addition, we have chairs where the flair and creativity are in focus. The comfort is high because we know there is nothing worse than sitting badly in a chair, either for you or for your guests. Good comfort creates a good mood, and a naturally comfortable chair moves the focus on what it is really about when we are together with other people - presence and presence. The company always gets a bit better when we sit in a comfortable chair.

Chairs for every need

At JENSENplus we have chairs for all rooms and chairs that meet the needs of most people. Our range is diverse, and our designs fit into many different environments. Our chairs are typically designed with the wish that they can be used for different activities. Our range includes dining table chairs, lounge chairs, meeting chairs, bar stools and the amazing pouf K2 Seat. Whatever room you need to chairs for, we have the solution for you. Several of our designs can be tailored to your wishes, so it forms part of your interior design.

A selection of our chairs from JENSENplus

HOYO Lounge Chair

The HOYO lounge is an inspiring lounge chair, which with its asymmetrical armrest creates an almost floating expression. The name of the chair comes from designer Lars Vejens great inspiration from Japan, where he has stayed for long periods of his life. "Hoyo" in Japanese, means that you take a break to take care of your health and that name fits perfectly with this chair. The chair challenges the access to the classic lounge chair with its lightweight frame combined with a rugged seat and backrest. The combination of Japanese and Danish culture is expressed in this amazing chair, and is a symbol of the fact that two different cultures together can create something unique. The HOYO lounge is available in several different variations, so it's easy to customize the chair according to your wishes and the environment you want it to be in.

K2 Chair

K2 Chair is a further development of the well-known classic "model 6000", which in great style was noted in many Danish schools from the 1960s and beyond. Model 6000 was then sold in more than 500,000 copies, proving that it is extremely comfortable while classical and beautiful to look at. The K2 Chair has an ultrathin frame, which is made of one long 12mm steel wire, giving it a very special look. The chair can be used in the private as well as in the workplace. The chair is easy to stack - in fact you can stack up to 50 chairs within approx. one meter. K2 Chair is a combination of classical and innovative thinking focusing on simplicity and comfort.

K2 Seat — a catalyst for creativity

The puff works extremely well in an informal environment where space is for lean ideas. K2 Seat invites you to special experiences, where there is room for a different and creative mindset. Additionally, the K2 Seat is a highly suitable workout piece that strengthens your posture and balance. Once you find yourself comfortable on the K2 Seat, the puff offers unmatched comfort, which you will be impressed with. In addition to the amazing features of the puff, it is also very decorative and can work in many different environments. Move it easily around the room with the practical hank.

Combine your chairs with a table from JENSENplus

At JENSENplus we focus on the overall concept, and in collaboration with our designers we always develop furniture that is complementary to other furniture in our series. For your chairs, of course, we also have the right table so you have the opportunity to create a uniform style in your home. Our range of tables consist of of lounge desks, dining tables, meeting tables and desks, but common to all of them is that they are designed with the purpose of creating a great interaction with our chairs and, for that matter, our other furniture. Our tables, like our chairs, can be tailored to you so you have the opportunity to create the expression in your home or workplace as you wish.

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