Height adjustable desks

Among our range of height adjustable desks, you will find products for home office and business. For any work-related purpose, a height adjustable desk will spare you from an unhealthy static position. A height adjustable table will help you keep your posture and make sure that your energy level stays high throughout the day.

All of our height adjustable tables are made by Danish architects and produced in Denmark. Our focus in every single height adjustable desk are always to create long lasting design combined with solid materials. Discover our selection of height adjustable tables which includes different sizes, materials and colours to match your palette in your home or at the office.

3 great reasons why you should buy a height adjustable desk

We know the scenario: You sit at your usual work desk. It is nice. But you also have this feeling and expectations of a sore back at the end of the day. Imagine this instead: You invest in a height adjustable desk and wave goodbye to lousy ergonomic positions and say YES to maximum flexibility and mobility.

A height adjustable desk gives you:
• Large flexibility with electric height-adjustability. Easy to find the right sitting and standing position
• Improved productivity and better health with fewer back pains
• Solid and timeless design by Danish architects
• Endless combinations in terms of size, colors and materials

Meet some of our office desks

K2 Table: The perfect height adjustable desk for any office

Why not make your day more efficient with a height adjustable table? A long day at the office can easily drain you from energy. Make it possible to gain a better ergonomic position with this height adjustable table, K2 Table, from JENSENplus. K2 Table is designed by architect Mikkel Bahr from Friis & Moltke. A unique design with an integrated cable tray to hide cables. Adjust K2 table from 69 to 116 centimetres. Create a functional office whit this K2 Table and look forward to less back pain.

The elegant height adjustable work desk ROD1

This. Is. ROD1. A height adjustable table made easy to adjust exactly as you like. The technical control panel ensures a right ergonomic working position. Every. Single. Day. A minimalistic design perfect for office environments as well as a beautiful and functional home office. Style ROD1 as you like with different colours and surfaces like wood, linoleum or laminate.

Meet BLACKBOX work desk

The height adjustable desk, BLACKBOX, is the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. The height adjustable table has a T-shape base to secure a high stability. BLACKBOZ has great details like the 12 mm cable top and the same thickness in the foot, wideness of the cable slides and the height of the cable block. Fall in love whit these great details when using this table every day.

Create a personal working space with FM Note & K2 Chair

The perfect homework space provides space for creative projects, while simultaneously combining functionality with aesthetics and adds a little extra detail to your private home - without creating visual noise. A home office can be located almost everywhere, such as in the children's room, in the dining room or in the bedroom. Architect Mikkel Bahr has developed K2 chair and FM Note for JENSENplus. A stylish couple - can be dressed as you please.

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