Mirrors – a necessity in the project

Let us help you find a mirror that will definitely reflect your personality and taste.
In our product line, you’ll find exclusive architect-designed mirrors with wonderful details, which all perfects your interior decoration and emphasizes your individuality.
Our selection of mirrors consists of both makeup mirror, floor mirror, wall mirror and a coat rack with mirror and a mirror with a clothes rack. In other words, we have something for every taste and a mirror for all possible rooms in your project. You find our selection of mirrors right here.

Use mirrors in your interior decoration

We aim to have a great diversity of mirrors in our product line. That is why you find both makeup mirror, floor mirror, wall mirror and a coat rack with mirror in order to provide you with endless possibilities in decorating your home. Find inspiration below for where to hang mirrors in your home.

Hall mirror

A mirror can make a room appear more spacious, be an eye-catcher and awaken curiosity. A mirror in the hall is ideal if you want to create a warm welcome for your guests while also having the possibility to check your clothes on your way out the door. A hall mirror makes the entrance seem bigger and will often do well next to other functional pieces of furniture such as coat- and shoe racks.

Floor Mirror

A mirror in the dressing room is essential. It makes it easier for you to see your outfit of the day before your walk out the door. The big self-standing floor mirror is a popular choice. A floor mirror often requires a fair amount of space in the room, however, it provides the best conditions for seeing yourself in full figure. Also, a floor mirror is an object which in itself is an embellishment of the room.

Makeup mirror

Why not have the best possible conditions for the daily makeup routine? Or good visibility for a thorough or light shave for men with a rotatable makeup mirror? The makeup mirror is the perfect element for the bathroom and can be used by both men and women in everyday life.

Make you home bigger with mirrors

If you feel as if your home is the size of a shoebox, you have the possibility to cheat your way to more space – quick and easy. If a mirror is placed strategically correct, it will provide a feeling of more space, light and air. Make the mirror reflect the daylight to obtain a pleasant atmosphere in the room. As an example, try to place the mirror above the bed, on a wall in the bedroom on in the hall.

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