BLACKBOX Sidetable

BLACKBOX Sidetable is the ideal accessory for benches, pillows and sofas in the day room. The table adds an extra dimension to the décor with its discreet shelf, which elegantly offers room for e.g. coffee, notes and phone. BLACKBOX Sidetable can be placed next to daybeds, sofas and armchairs. The standard colors of BLACKBOX Sidetable are white and black, which fit most furnishings.

– BLACKBOX Sidetable has a 55 mm deep chamfering, which gives the table a light and elegant look

– BLACKBOX Sidetable is practical and easy to place

– The timeless expression is also durable in 10 years

Place BLACKBOX Sidetable in the hotel room as a bedside table or next to benches or ottomans in the business furnishing. BLACKBOX Sidetable has a simple expression, which contributes to creating a relaxed atmosphere in the décor.

This product can be customized to match your requirement for size, material and color.

BLACKBOX sidetable corian jensenplus 456x497

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This product was designed by

Lars Vejen

Lars Vejen is not wild or fluttering in the look and shape of his designs. Instead he likes to create classic quality and simple designs. However, he still manages to add a uniqueness to the designs which makes them stand out from the crowd.​