Our furniture at PanzerGlass

PanzerGlass are based in both Denmark and Dubai. Therefore, it was important for them to unite the expressions of the two companies despite the geographical distance. PanzerGlass wanted to renew the cafeteria, conference room, lobby, meeting rooms and work area. JENSENplus delivered furniture for both Denmark and Dubai. Several pieces of furniture were customized according to need in order to fit perfectly the room where they were to be located.




Betinna Dyhr



jensenplus blackbox storage for panzerglass
Blackbox Storage was chosen as a room partition and shielding of the work area, while also a practical bookcase with room for storage of various work utensils.
“JENSENplus has helped us decorating several domiciles. We have always been incredibly pleased with the collaboration – especially because, through all the years, I have always had the same contact person, who knows our style, and whom I can contact about anything. I connection with the construction of Delta 8, I felt that JENSENplus understood which interior design expression I had in mind. The layout for the new décor turned out as a good combination of furniture from well-known brands and customized furniture, which fits our wishes very well.”

Kristine Bach

Owner, Juhl Bach Holding / PanzerGlass

jensenplus rod3 standing table at panzerglass
Our ROD table was placed in the cafeteria, where the table was made in a customized size and with a table top of smoked, dark oak.
jensenplus k2 talk standing table and barstool k2 chair at panzerglass
High tables from JENSENplus are placed in various places on the premises. They provide a good opportunity for informal meetings between the employees of the work place.
jensenplus rod54 big round table at juhl bach
Our ROD54 – a round meeting table with great stability.
jensenplus jp201 concrete lounge table at panzerglas
JP202 – A lounge table in concrete