Good quality is always sustainable


At JENSENplus we work with determination to devote minimal footprint on the world when it comes to the use of resources, environmental degradation and disposal. One of the main factors, when it comes to decor and furniture, is the lifetime of the product. The better quality in both materials and ergonomic design, the longer lifetime - and thus lower environmental impact.


It is not only the environmental impact in the actual manufacturing proces, which are relevant. If a product is of inferior quality, you will tend to replace it quickly. This burdened the environment more than by a more long term and sustainable solution.


Sustainability is crucial as we develop products, design and produce new furniture. Exciting innovative materials such as concrete, bamboo and height adjustable tables with built-in power management rails are good examples. Having to think in ways of sustainability, in everything we do and develop is an ongoing process that continually questions the way we do things. Did you know for example that a workdesk typically has passive power corresponding to approx. DKR 500-600 a year?


We're constantly working to make our production unit greener. There is auto power on factoring machines, suction and light. Temperature is adjusted automatically, during evening and weekends. All varnishes are free from formaldehyde, we use FSC certified wood from local sustainable forests, and prefer chrome 3 if possible. We think transportation from A to B - it can be done better with less CO2 emissions? Should everything be purchased abroad, or can be produced locally? Are our products degradable and recyclable? Can lifetime be extended?


Reuse or refurbishment of existing furniture should be a natural part of the interior design solutions. Where it is not possible, they can be donated to charity or resold. In cases where the old furniture is not reused, our furniture can be disposed of with minimal environmental impact.


We work with ways of waste separation. We strive for the best use of daylight and save energy for lighting. We strive for the best use of natural ventilation and use of green plants, which saves energy for ventilation.


Sustainability is a way of living, if meant by the heart.


The architects of JENSENplus – Friis & Moltke Design and Schmidt Hammer Lassen Design – are both old, well-know and skilled architects. They both have a timeless view on design, which gives their designs a long product lifecycle. They have both been producing furniture designs for many years. Many of their old designs are still to be found on auctions etc, highly valuabe. Now, that’s sustainability…

JENSENplus Code of Conduct


JENSENplus has had its roots in Randers, Denmark since the company was founded more than 70 years ago. From the beginning JENSENplus was a small family owned manufacturer of special inventor, and has now become a producer of well-known products for the international office contract market. The portfolio has a recognizable and strong design line, founded in the belief of good quality and lowest possible environmental impact. JENSENplus is still family–owned.


JENSENplus Basic Values

Strenuous Rights at Work and labour standards, respect for the environment and social responsibility is a natural part of the Danish culture. These issues are reflected in the JENSENplus basic values which are important to us and we work systematically to ensure that they are adopted by the whole organisation.


1. Forward-thinking spirit and creativity

We endeavour to pursue development and always see opportunities. We aim to be creative, dare to be different and dare to do what nobody else has done. We work effectively, persevere and always strive to do better.


2. Independence and professionalism

We endeavour to trust our own knowledge and skills and believe in the opportunities that present themselves. We perform our work in such a way that you can be proud of your profession.


3. Honesty and humility

We endeavour to be open and honest in all communication and behave respectfully towards all people, regardless of their status or role. We comply with laws and regulations and keep our promises.


4. Responsibility and understanding connections

We endeavour to take responsibility, be thrifty with resources and carry out operations in such a way that they can be sustained. We go to the source with problems and find out the real needs for a long-term solution. We understand connections, predict consequences, take all aspects into consideration, evaluate and balance.




Environmental facts


JENSENplus is a design, development and manufacturing company.
Our goal is to abide with minimum legislation within the area of environment and ecology, and when possible supersede legislation within this area.

All JENSENplus products are produced / assembled in Denmark. Very strict environmental regulations exist in Denmark, which are constantly monitored by The Danish Working Environment Authority. This also applies to health and safety and for the working environment in general. Our production is monitored and audited by the Danish authorities on a regular basis.

We use the following components in the production:


Wood (solid, veneer) are solely delivered from Danish suppliers securing wood from sustainable forestry and are produced under strict Danish regulations regarding environmental protection from damaging chemicals. All waste is recycled according to Danish regulations.


Metal parts are made from 99% recyclable steel or stainless steel.


Tops in concrete are produced under high quality restrictions – the process is CE-marked (EN 14992:2007 and  DS/EN 10080:2006).

Fabrics and Leather

All JENSENplus products are offered with a standard range of fabrics from Danish suppliers, which all operate according to the Danish environmental regulations. 90% of all fabrics offered (Gabriel & Kvadrat) are certified according to ISO or Öko-tex standards. Furthermore, all fabrics from Gabriel hold the EU-flower, the official environmental logo from EU.

Amongst our suppliers on leather, several are ISO 14001 or 9001 certified or have implemented other types of quality and environmental management systems. Some also hold the LWG (Leather Working Group) Environmental Certificate awarded by BLC Leather Technology Centre.



Foam is delivered solely by Scandinavian suppliers, which all are certified either according to Öko-Tex or ISO standards.

Chemicals used in the production

No environmental damaging chemicals are used in the production. All adhesives used for the production lines are water-based. Powder coating and lacquer/stain are all performed under strict Danish regulations.

Packaging and waste

All packaging is made from recyclable paper. All waste is sorted before disposal. All paper, wood, fabric and leather waste is recycled.

Further information

All suppliers are constantly monitored regarding their environmental policies, and JENSENplus regularly monitors the market for new suppliers offering environmental friendly products/components.

Spaceplanning’s impact on environmental challenges


JENSENplus offers efficient and flexible office furniture that helps you utilise your space to a maximum. Better use of space means that you need less of it, which in turn reduces your energy costs and thus also your carbon footprint.


Can greener workplaces be created merely by better planning? Without a doubt! Smart space planning not only makes a workplace more functional and less expensive. Here are our best do-it-yourself tips for space planning and ergonomics. 



A shared workplace. Good for your budget. Good for the environment.

If several people share a workplace, you save space and reduce your ecological impact.



Optimise your unused space

Transform rarely used spaces such as conference rooms into flexible potential workplaces. You increase your useful space and reduce your energy costs.



Boost the efficiency of your office space

Good planning and flexible furniture helps you utilise space to the maximum. You reduce your energy costs and take a big step towards a greener and smarter workplace.



Stand up for more efficient meetings

Use elevator desks for short meetings and when coordinating tasks. You save space and keep the participants on their toes.



Digitalise more, save paper and space

Use digital files instead of paper and folders. Optimise your work areas and save on space.



Don’t heat storage space

Don’t heat rooms that are rarely used. For example, an archive does not need to be as warm as the other work areas.



Give space to radiators

Keep furniture away from radiators. If you obstruct them, they will need to work harder and also produce less heat.



Keep windows free

Avoid tall furniture at windows and glass partitions. Windows let in natural energy in the form of sunlight and heat. Solutions are now available to store heat radiation from windows, thus reducing your heating costs.



Pay a bit more, get a lot more

Paradoxically, paying a bit more often means paying less in the long run. High quality is an investment on both economic and environmental counts.



Sustainable quality, a sustainable future

High quality means less wear and tear. That’s a gain for both your company and the environment.



Think long-term. Invest in good quality.

Furniture that can be changed and complemented over time is an investment, both economically and in terms of the environment.



Opt for timeless design

Furniture with a timeless design is always practical, irrespective of prevailing trends.



Freshen up and re-use

Don’t throw out furniture that is beginning to wear – it may be possible to refurbish it.



Pass it on

Re-use, and if you must replace, give it away. Your furniture can continue to do good service in less affluent parts of the world.



Hire your furniture

The simple green way to manage furniture. Hire it and replace it or have it repaired as needed. Your company avoids drawing on its capital and high requirements are placed on manufacturers to produce furniture that is more recyclable.



Show the way forward, acquire business

Good green ideas are in great demand. Talk about your green initiatives and acquire new business, customers and partners.



Opt for quality in-house environments – all the way

Always use environmentally friendly cleaning products as far as possible. Introduce more plants – they clean the air and make your workplace environmentally friendlier and more pleasant.









If you need any further information, copies of certificates etc. please contact us at the following address:


Frederiksdalvej 8
DK-8940 Randers SV
T: +45 5363 0000