FM191 Coat Rack

DKK 2.049


About FM191 coat rack

The coat rack plays with form an expression and will definitely cause a stir no matter which wall you place it on. You decide yourself where the round brass hook should be placed on the coat rack. As an extra detail, the coat rack has a “you look good”-mirror, which saves you from poppy seeds between your teeth, lipstick on the front tooth and messy hair. The coat rack is designed by architect Mikkel Bahr from Friis & Moltke for JENSENplus.


You can turn the coat rack exactly the way you want – depending on how you think the mirror will look the best in your home. The great flexibility of the FM191 coat rack makes the product usable many years ahead and in various rooms. If you get tired of the way you’ve placed it, it’s just a question of turning it upside down and moving it somewhere else.

How to use

– Hang FM191 in your hall and allow it to take good care of your outerwear
– Place the coat rack in the bathroom and use it for your towels and exfoliation brush
– A perfect supplement to your wardrobe, allowing bags, dresses and robes to hang where you can see them

Additional information

H:48cm x L:50cm

Powder coated steel
Mirror glass

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