FM191 Coat Rack


Customizable product

Delivery: 5-6 weeks


Glass: Standard clear mirror (customizable)

Base: Powder coated steel and brass (customizable)


The rack FM191 plays with form and expression, and it will surely rouse attention, no matter which wall the clothes rack is placed on. You decide on your own, where the round brass dab should sit on the clothes rack. As an extra detail, the clothes rack has a “you look nice” mirror, which saved you from poppy seeds in your teeth, lipstick on the froth tooth and messy hair. The clothes rack is designed by architect Mikkel Bahr from Friis & Moltke for JENSENplus.


– You have the option to turn the clothes rack as you wish – depending on how you think the mirror will look best in the décor

– The great flexibility in FM191 clothes rack enables the product to be useful for many years ahead, and for it to be placed in many different rooms

– Create life and identity in the décor with a design, which has several functions

How to use

FM191 can hang in different places, for instance in the workplace, institutions, restaurants or hotel rooms. A timeless design with an exclusive expression, which dovetails neatly with many different styles. A durable design which handles high daily wear.

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