ELEMENTS – architecture-designed wall modules

ELEMENTS is a product that opens up a world full of flexibility and endless possibilities for your interior decoration. Mix and match loose modules as you wish. ELEMENTS is a help in your everyday life and makes it possible to be practical and aesthetic at the same time. Let ELEMENTS become a regular part of your interior decoration, which you can slowly build up and expand over several years.




Why ELEMENTS is a good choice for your home

With ELEMENTS wall modules you get a tailored solution for any room in your home. The wall modules contribute with atmosphere, identity and functionality in one single surface. You can customise the modules in order for them to be the best possible help in your daily life. ELEMENTS has many advantages, and here are just some of them:

  • Installing multiple ELEMENTS at a time, the wall modules contribute with continuity and uniformity, providing a sense of peace to the room

  • ELEMENTS has a great strength in diversity and possibilities of combination

  • Get ELEMENTS modules tailored as you like for an additional charge for special colours and solutions

  • ELEMENTS is a unique opportunity to get a unique modular solution for your home and will last you many years

  • ELEMENTS can be installed in all the rooms of the house

Ideal places to hang ELEMENTS

By default, ELEMENTS is manufactured in a neutral colour scale, making it easy to implement the wall modules in the existing interior decoration. Below you can read about our suggestions to where ELEMENTS could add something to your home.

ELEMENTS in the hall

Optimise your hall to accommodate both jackets, shoes, caps and gloves. ELEMENTS can be assembled to provide a module with mirror, a module with a clothes- and shoe rack – but also a module with round pegs.


ELEMENTS in the kitchen

For example, put together three ELEMENTS modules in the kitchen. A module with three shelves for cookbooks, kitchen utensils, and trinkets. A module with a bulletin board for children’s drawings, recipes, and postcards. A final module with a combination of shelves and pegs for dishcloths. This gives you the combination of aesthetics and practicality.


ELEMENTS in the living room

If your living room walls permit a couple of ELEMENTS modules, a good suggestions would be a wall module with shelves in powder coated steel where house plants, framed pictures or books can be placed on the shelves. Another good suggestion would be a bulletin board where you can hang pictures and memories of good experiences.


ELEMENTS in the children’s room

Have you ever considered using children’s books as decorations on the wall? Decorate the children’s room with ELEMENTS bookcase in either turquoise or pink. Highlight favourite books and use the shelf as a fun tool when choosing a goodnight book.


The architects behind ELEMENTS

ELEMENTS is designed by VE2 (Aarhus, Denmark) for JENSENplus. The idea behind the design has been to create a series without constrictions, which is kept attractive in terms of the infinite number of combination possibilities.


”ELEMENTS is a series of wall modules with great flexibility. A solution reminiscent of special inventory – without being complex though. The idea is that ELEMENTS should be able to solve special tasks in smaller series, but also be able to stand alone and be adapted to the room where it is placed.”

– V2 architects