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Normalpris 5.285,00 kr
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Color: Fabric - Fjord 0971

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  • Made in Denmark
  • Ship time: 2-5 weeks
  • Value for CO2 emission

With its round shapes, slim look and solid structure, O-Chair is a reinterpretation and a tribute to the famous Thonet chair. A classic reinvented in nordic design and quality – a promise to a long life cycle and timeless design.

We have made no compromise in O-Chairs production and have continued our mission to keep all production close to home, keeping CO2 emissions to the minimum and using high-quality materials.

“Elegance” is definitely the best word to describe it. The steel base, slim but sturdy, makes O-Chair perfect for small spaces, crowded rooms, long tables, lounge or waiting areas. Whether used as a stand alone or together with other pieces, O is definitely an eye catcher.

It is a versatile piece of furniture and fully customizable. O-Chair can adapt to every room and need. It comes in two versions, with upholstered seat and leather thread or fully upholstered back.


This product is designed by

Mikkel Bahr, Friis & Moltke Architects

"The key word for Mikkel Bahr's design is simplicity - both in expression and in production. And yet he manages to add a little bit of quirkiness to his products, which gives them personality and recognisability.
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