About us

We have been dedicated to producing Danish furniture design since 1930. A profound passion for good craftsmanship and honest materials.

We have a natural commitment to creating nordic, unique furniture. Products, which naturally distances far-east produced furniture in non-sustainable materials with enlarged carbon footprint and with a shorter life time.

All our products and parts are locally manufactured, none of them contains plastic, and all have calculated CO2-value for carbon footprint.

With qualities formed by distinctiveness, timeless and solid craftsmanship we can now provide a value for total carbon footprint, when making an investment in the JENSENplus product range.

Do you want to know more about measured carbon footprint (CO2) for our products?

Our history

Back to 1930 at a little back yard in Randers, Harald Nielsen established Harald Nielsen Store- and Office Furniture.

After decades of growing and evolving with customers, JENSENplus in 2020 finally decided to moved to the main shopping street of Aarhus.

Our customers are worldwide, and products are leading in carbon footprint (CO2) – and still all production stays in Denmark.


The original, the crooked and the unique has always been the cornerstone in the development of new products at JENSENplus. And that is the foundation we built upon. To us it is all about bringing solid craftsmanship and innovative thinking together.

The experimental way of thinking is the reason why we today are capable of delivering design that works, that surprise and expands the viewers idea of how a furniture can and should look. Our open mind, enterprises and dynamic makes us capable of turning costumers wants and needs into furniture.

Our location

You will find us at the shopping street of Aarhus, in an old townhouse, fully renovated in 2020.

JENSENplus Contracts
Ryesgade 8
DK-8000 Aarhus C
Phone: +45 5363 0000

Tunoevej 8
DK-8940 Randers SV
Mon-Thu 9-15
Phone +45 25944999