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K2 Seat

K2 Seat

Normalpris 5.735,00 kr
Normalpris Udsalgspris 5.735,00 kr
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Inklusive skat.
Color: Fabric - Fjord 0971
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  • Made in Denmark
  • Ship time: 2-5 weeks
  • Value for CO2 emission

The K2 Seat is a versatile and ergonomic pouf that combines comfort with an attractive design, making it the perfect catalyst for creativity.

It’s tippable design creates a relaxed and informal atmosphere that encourages out-of-the-box thinking.

Although it may take some time to get used to its advanced balancing features, once you do, the K2 Seat offers unparalleled comfort.

In addition to improving posture and balance, this pouf also fosters a dynamic and playful dialogue between colleagues, making it a great addition to any workplace.


This product is designed by

Mikkel Bahr, Friis & Moltke Architects

"The key word for Mikkel Bahr's design is simplicity - both in expression and in production. And yet he manages to add a little bit of quirkiness to his products, which gives them personality and recognisability.
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