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Normalpris 5.604,00 kr
Normalpris Udsalgspris 5.604,00 kr
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Inklusive skat.
Color: Leather - Black (cat 1)

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  • Made in Denmark
  • Ship time: 2-5 weeks
  • Value for CO2 emission

The LV7 is a beautifully crafted barstool designed with 3 legs and a convenient footrest.

Expertly made by skilled cabinet makers, each stool is locally produced, reducing its carbon footprint.

Sophisticated and environmentally friendly, the LV7 is the perfect addition to any space.


This product is designed by

Lars Vejen

"My professional passion is very simple; I love finding and shaping the good idea!
Enjoy seeing it realized in collaboration with talented people within their separate fields of handcraft, engineering, marketing, sales, logistics. Design thinking when it is best and works in full understanding and acknowledgement of the value of all people involved in a product development.
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