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Our selection of office desks includes the popular height adjustable work desks that spare you from a static day at work and helps keep a right posture and a higher level of energy throughout the day. It is not a secret that it is much easier to get work done when having an office desk that works for you. Put several office desks together and create a big working space where several colleagues are close to each other or place two office desk in front of each other. The possibilities are endless with our office desks made by high skilled Danish architects. Explore our collections and find your new favorite office desk right here.

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  1. K2 Table
    Special Price €1,378.00 Regular Price €1,722.50
  2. K2 Dining Table - Extension
    Special Price €1,782.40 Regular Price €2,228.00
  3. BLACKBOX workdesk
    Special Price €1,232.00 Regular Price €1,540.00
  4. Diner Table
    Special Price €759.20 Regular Price €949.00
  5. FM Note
    Special Price €631.20 Regular Price €789.00
  6. ROD1
    Special Price €1,312.00 Regular Price €1,640.00
  7. ROD71
    Special Price €1,322.40 Regular Price €1,653.00
  8. ROD72
    Special Price €2,244.00 Regular Price €2,805.00
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Height adjustable office desks

With a height adjustable office desk, you get the freedom to design your working position as you like. Stand up all day or sit down. It is difficult to keep a good ergonomic position when sitting down all day. It is healthy to stand up in between while still working. It helps you to keep focused and relieve your back. At JENSENplus we are specialist in making height adjustable office desks. We collaborate with architects to design the best office desks for you. Therefore, we can guarantee that all of our office desks provide the best conditions for a good working position.

Office Desk Height Adjustable
Office Desk CEO

Office desks for CEOs

Looking for a new CEOs desk you might consider creating a place where it is possible to be creative, productive, have a comfortable position for many hours which makes you keep healthy in the long term. Some like their office desk to be a place for lots of paper and tools. Others like an office desk with a clean-desk-perspective. Anyhow an office desk for CEO’s must supply you with a lot of space and at the same time have some functional details like height adjustable functions, cable tray for wires and maybe a desk drawer for your pens and clips. With the office desk called ROD1 it is possible to have it all. Elegant design with functional details made by Danish architect Mikkel Bahr for JENSENplus. Design this office desk as you like, and create an office looking like your own living room or provide ROD1 with an ergonomic office chair.


Accessories for your office desk

To gain full value of your office desk you can provide it with different accessories that help you during work and even improve the acoustics. JENSENplus has designed different accessories that suits all our office desks and is easy to mount. Let us introduce:

K2 Screen

With K2 Screen you improve the acoustic and at the same time create some private space without being too isolated. Use K2 Screen as a bulletin board and give the room a touch of color. K2 Screen is made of 12 mm MDF and 15 mm foam with upholstery. The fabric absorbs the sound wave and help reduce noise from other colleagues, the printer or the coffee machine.

Office Desk K2 Screen
Office Desk Desk Drawer

The desk drawer

Why not get rid of the annoying cables under your office desk? Let this desk drawer handle the cables in an easy way. Without any tools you just hang the cable tray on the hinges of the frame underneath the office desk. This gives you a more harmonic look of your office desk and create order.


The cable tray

This cable tray can be placed underneath your office desk. Easy to pull out. Can store e.g. gum, pens, papers and clips. The indispensable tool that helps you keep a clean desk. Easy to mount with a screwdriver.

Office Desk Cable Tray