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ROD1 is a practical height adjustable workdesk. It is easy to adjust and control the table height by pressing the electrical bottom. The workdesk has a stable base because of the 22-mm steel rod which is perfect for long working hours. ROD1 is a functional workdesk that offers great comfort and an attractive design. ROD1 is combining a tight design with curves and create interesting contrasts. ROD1 is not an ordinary workdesk, it is a workdesk with one mission: to make your work life more productive and balanced. You can select between different materials and colours.
This gives you the opportunity to create an attractive and personal workdesk. If you combine a tabletop in leather with a black frame, you create a very exclusive look that at the same time offers a pleasant comfort. ROD1 is designed to make your work more pleasant. Therefore, you can easily control the table height and make your workdesk a standing workstation. As option, you can select a cable tray to hide wires and make your workdesk look cleaner. You can also choose a propdrawer to all your paper and pens and quickly make a clean desk. The perfect chair for ROD1 must be our K2 Chair.