ROD7 is a solid conference table and is produced in five different standard sizes. The table has a classical, rectangular shape that is suitable for any kind of environment. ROD7 is made of sustainable, natural and durable materials that ensure a long life span.
Anything unnecessary has been removed leaving only the streamlined edges that create a good contrast to the soft shapes of the frame. It is possible to customize the ROD7 exactly the way you want. This makes the conference table very flexible.

ROD71 has a discrete and elegant design that does not remove focus from any other interior in the room.
This makes the table easy to use in any kind of business interior. You can also add a cable tray to the table, transforming it into our ROD72 table.

– An obvious choice as meeting table at the office

– Dining table for restaurants

– Canteen table

– An excellent table for schools and universities

This product can be customized to match your requirement for size, material and color.

ROD7 beige linoleum meeting table stel jensenplus 684x497
ROD7 pepple linoleum stel base jensenplus rectangular table 456x497
rod7 front meeting table by jensenplus - 2D
ROD7 with footrest meeting table jensenplus friis moltke

Standard materials





Base / frame

Standard sizes

This product was designed by

Mikkel Bahr

The keyword of Mikkel Bahr’s designs is simplicity – in both the expression and the production.
And yet he still manages to add a little bit of crookedness to his products that gives them personality and recognisability.