K2 Speak S

K2 Speak is a soft and more refined version of the traditional podium. The platform is made up of a single piece of 14 mm steel, which makes the platform very sturdy. K2 Speak Small gives you everything you need within arms reach when you are speaking in front of an audience. Behind the front you find a couple of shelves where you can put stuff like a glass of water, so your voice never goes rusty and dry during the speech or presentation. There is also a lot of room for your notes, so you never forget anything you have to say. There is also a gap between the front and the shelves, making it easy to hide cables from the audience for your laptop.

K2 Speak Small is the perfect, and far more practical alternative, to the traditional podium that is very hard to move around. There is room for everything you need within arms reach when you speak and you can move the platform around when you need to. Generally, the platform is very functional, stable and timeless and will look good even years from now.

– Use K2 Speak Small as a smart and flexible platform in the office

– An obvious choice for larger auditoriums or conference rooms

This product can be customized to match your requirement for size, material and color.

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This product was designed by

Mikkel Bahr

The keyword of Mikkel Bahr’s designs is simplicity – in both the expression and the production.
And yet he still manages to add a little bit of crookedness to his products that gives them personality and recognisability.