K2 Meeting – Rectangular

The rectangular K2 Meeting has a very sharp and simple look, that is created by materials of high quality, which makes the table sturdy and durable for many years. With its versatile design, K2 Meeting is perfect as a classic meeting table for the office.
A set in either black or white powder coated steel and an extra frame creates exceptional stability in the table. The meeting table has a sharp look with a simple rectangular tabletop and diagonal legs, which get their inspiration from the classic sawbench.
The tabletop is 25 mm thick and is covered by either linoleum or laminate. These materials create a product of high quality, which can handle almost anything.

K2 Meeting L is a robust meeting table which is designed by Friis and Moltke. K2 Meeting L is part of the K2-series, which is made for business, including companies, restaurants and the hotel business.
The meeting table is resilient to high daily wear, which means that the table also will be neat in 10 years.

– Place K2 Meeting L in the meeting room

– Can also be used as a lunch table in lunch rooms

– Has a good structure and is also able to be a stationary work desk

This product can be customized to match your requirement for size, material and color.

K2 Meeting Rectangular stable strong linoleum steel trestle jensenplus 456x497
K2 Meeting rectangular trestle base special measurement jensenplus 456x497
K2 Meeting rectangular trestle table strong table jensenplus 684x497
K2 Meeting rectangular table oak-black 456x497

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Base / frame

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This product was designed by

Mikkel Bahr

The keyword of Mikkel Bahr’s designs is simplicity – in both the expression and the production.
And yet he still manages to add a little bit of crookedness to his products that gives them personality and recognisability.