The multi-functional wall storage units ELEMENTS 2000 allow playing with materials and colors. ELEMENTS 2000 offers storage solutions for business, which contributes to getting the best out of the room’s prospects. The streamlined design makes it easy to let ELEMENTS 200 become an integrated part of the business furnishing, which either stands out or is selected in an expression which is consistent with the pre-existing décor.

ELEMENTS 2000 splits the room so the walls attain a function and are used in the best possible manner. At the same time, the modules contribute to giving the room identity and functionality. You can easily hang one module by itself, or you can choose to construct a whole array with several modules, which each has its respective function.

– ELEMENTS 2000 is well suited to entrance areas in the business, the entrance space of the hotel room or the cloakroom in the restaurant.

– Encase ELEMENTS 2000 in felt and create an improved acoustic in the workplace. In addition, utilize the felts ability to act as a practical and decorative bulletin board.

– Play with shape and expression and choose a module in e.g. smoked oak, painted MDF or OSB, limited only by the imagination.

This product can be customized to match your requirement for size, material and color.

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”ELEMENTS is a series of wall modules with great flexibility. A solution reminiscent of special inventory – without being complex though. The idea is that ELEMENTS should be able to solve special tasks in smaller series, but also be able to stand alone and be adapted to the room where it is placed.”