BLACKBOX Tower frames your workstation in an elegant fashion and takes care of making a messy desk a thing of the past. On the modules three inside shelves, there is room for both pen trays and paper stacks, so everything you need during the workday is right at hand. As the rest of the BLACKBOX series, the ‘tower’ is saturated with perfectionism, as everything is thought through, down to the smallest detail.

– BLACKBOX Tower’s edges are made to have a 45-degree bevel, which gives a knife-sharp and polished look.

– BLACKBOX Tower can also be made in other colors and materials as e.g. oak if desired.

– A single black handle is added to the front, so the ´tower’s´ inside shelves easily can be accessed

– It is possible to add black natural felt on the back wall, so the wall can be used as a bulletin board

BLACKBOX Tower is as made for the office. Place BLACKBOX tower next to the desk and let the module act as a natural screen, which contributes to peace to work. BLACKBOX Tower can also be placed in hallway areas, where there is room for good storage.

This product can be customized to match your requirement for size, material and color.

Standard materials



Standard sizes

This product was designed by

Lars Vejen

Lars Vejen is not wild or fluttering in the look and shape of his designs. Instead he likes to create classic quality and simple designs. However, he still manages to add a uniqueness to the designs which makes them stand out from the crowd.​