The bar stool BLACKBOX Barstool has a characteristic minimalistic expression, which is a treat for the eye. BLACKBOX Barstool rests on four simple legs in brushed steel of 12 mm width, which creates a clean and harmonic expression. The legs are fitted in a cross, which adds a fine contrast for the harmonic lines which otherwise characterize the bar stool.

– BLACKBOX barstool is a product which is 100% natural without the use of plastics

– The surface of the bar stool is practical, as it doesn’t absorb grime

– A comfortable sitting comfort

– An elegant design which never goes out of fashion

BLACKBOX barstool is designed for business furnishings, which is clearly seen in the stable construction. The bar stool can be customized in color and top if so wished. BLACKBOX barstool appears nice with a high table at the workplace but also suits the bar at e.g. restaurants.

This product can be customized to match your requirement for size, material and color.

Blackbox barstool cork jensenplus 684x497

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Standard sizes

This product was designed by

Lars Vejen

Lars Vejen is not wild or fluttering in the look and shape of his designs. Instead he likes to create classic quality and simple designs. However, he still manages to add a uniqueness to the designs which makes them stand out from the crowd.​