Our furniture at Waalse Krook

Stackable chair, low maintanance, durable, ergonomic and high quality, which endures daily wear.
These were the requirements for the 1500 new chairs that the main library of Gent was in search for. Keeneth Van Nieuwenhuyze, from Coussée & Goris architecten, was given much food for thoughts with this task and he had to do a lot of research in order to meet the requirements. Moreover, Kenneth needed a chair that could be transformed into a bar stool in order to maintain the same expression throughout the entire library. Kenneth discovered the K2 Chair.


Main library in Gent
Waalse Krook


Kenneth Van Nieuwenhuyze
Coussée & Goris architecten




The result was a uniform expression in the main library, which suited the raw tables and the big rooms. The chair is sufficiently subtle to not steal the picture but instead offer a nice and practical seat.
“K2 Chair from JENSENplus fitted the bill perfectly. We had a professional and very high standard collaboration with JENSENplus. The communication was always on point, quick and most important was all questions answered with great solutions and a positive tone of voice. We felt like we were assisted in a very personal way. This, together with the positive attitude, was a very precious characteristic as we often do not see.”

Kenneth Van Nieuwenhuyze

Architect, Coussée & Goris