Our furniture at Clemens Law

The law firm Clemens in Aarhus sought an update of their workplaces, which provided more functional opportunities during the working day. The new needs-based design was created in collaboration with architect and designer Lars Vejen. The furniture was supplied by JENSENplus.




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BLACKBOX Workdesk 2.0 – a tribute to the simple design form

The desk stands out with its dynamic expression, which is especially seen on the desktop frame. The height-adjustable frame provides a fine counter-play to the otherwise classic law firm at Clemens.

When the desk is raised in height, the tabletop will move towards the user, which gives a really good working position. This desk ensures that it is always possible to find the correct working height.

BLACKBOX Workdesk 2.0 offers a wealth of details that help increase efficiency and make the working posture more comfortable. The worktop has room to hide the wires from the computer crank and the possibility of having a sound-absorbing acoustic wall mounted. With its many features and dynamic design, the BLACKBOX Workdesk is a work desk that holds the cadence for many years.

BLACKBOX Storage – a convenient and elegant storage module

In addition to the existing office environment, new storage options were added in the form of BLACKBOX Storage. A storage module with space for hanging files that can be safely locked off. In addition, all shelves are produced in oak veneer, which gives the office environment a warm look and a long-lasting design.

Underneath the shelf, there are four wheels mounted, which makes it easy to follow around the building if the device is to be renewed. The four wheels can be locked, so the rack is extra non-slip.

“My work with conversion, design and new interior design for Clemens Lawyers has been in a relatively short and intense course without much time for the classic detail design. It was, therefore, crucial to cooperate with an agile and broad-based supplier of both special equipment and furniture. JENSENplus has delivered a fantastic team of these different competencies and ensured a simple and solution-oriented dialogue throughout the course ”

Lars Vejen

Architect, LV Design