Hole On 5-pack

Hole On 5-pack

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About Hole On 5-pack

Hole On is both functional, whimsical and an innovative version of the coat rack. With Hole On you can store anything from coats to car keys in one place, so it's all within reach when you're rushing out the door.

With Hole On there's no running around the house in a desperate attempt to find your keys. Because they're right inside the hook, where you hung your jacket. And in the hooks next to it, you'll find your wallet, your umbrella, your gloves - or anything else you might need when you're rushing out the door.

Hole On is a reinvention of the coat rack. The 'hook' is shaped like a tube with a cavity so it works for both storage and suspension. The inside of Hole On is covered by a massive felt, so it carefully stores your valuables.

The crooked idea behind the design of Hole On is portrayed through the discrete slope of the tube that makes it possible to create a unique combination in the arrangement of the 'hooks'. The simple design of Hole On also works for the hotel lobby or the reception as a decorative element or in the meeting room as a place where you leave your smartphone in order to become more present.

Additional information


Ø11,5 cm x L 13,3 cm


Powder coated steel


Hole On is a reinvention of the traditional coat rack - actually one of the most innovative ones on the market right now! Hole On meets more needs at the same time. You can hang your jacket or your bag as you do at a normal coat rack, but you can also place your keys or mobile phone at Hole On and be sure that you always know where your little things are. Furthermore Hole On comes in many different colours, so it's possible to customise it exactly as you wish! 

How to use

  • Place Hole On in your hallway where it's practical and beautiful! Maybe in different colours?
  • Use Hole On in your bedroom an be sure that your favourite things are always right by your side!