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About FM Hooks

FM Hooks has a polished look with a paper-thin profile and a sleek front which can be preserved even when used thanks to the small hooks on the inside. The result is a coat rack that works just as well in public spaces as in private homes.

FM Hooks is a coalition between quirkiness and quality. The circles in different sizes create a playful look while the paper-thin profile adds a touch of exclusivity.

The result is a coat rack that has the potential to work in both private homes in the bedroom or in the hall as well as in the meeting room or in the wardrobe of the clinic.

The space between the circles and the wall is used to make room for small hooks on the inside that you can’t see unless you look closely. That means that you can store even more jackets and handbags on the coat rack when you enter the room or you can choose to only use the hooks in the inside and let the circles keep their polished look even when used.

The FM hooks consist of powder-coated steel that comes in a palette of calm colors like burgundy, green blue and white. However, the hooks also come in singular circles in all three sizes.

Additional information


H: 120mm x L: 540mm x D: 38mm


Powder Coated Steel 


FM Hooks is the perfect combination of simplicity and design which is some of the keywords in designs created by the acknowledged designer Mikkel Bahr. FM Hooks will fall naturally into the interior with the paper thin and minimalistic design which and it's great durability.

How to use

  • Use FM Hooks in private home and place it wherever you like: the bathroom, the wardrobe, the kitchen or in the hallway 
  • FM Hooks can also be placed in schools, offices or public spaces