Our Shades rug series makes it easy to bring warmth and comfort into your home. Let yourself be seduced by the 5 different colour shades that fit all the rooms in your home. The rugs help you assemble a group of furniture, making the room look more harmonious. In addition, the rugs help to tell the unique story of your home.

5 different colour combinations to your home

The Shades rug has a non-slip base and has a good grip on the floor. The rug is made of 100% polyamide, which makes it unusually durable. Shades rug can be used in the hall, where it keeps the house free of dirt from the shoes. Alternatively, the rug can be used in the children’s room, giving the little ones a soft start to the day and a nice surface to play on – or it can be placed on front of the terrace door to protect the house from unnecessary dirt. In addition, Shades is the perfect choice for a cosy corner in combination with a comfortable armchair. As you may have noticed, there are infinite possibilities with Shades – the only limit is your imagination.

Shades are sustainable rugs for your home

All our Shades rugs are made of 100% polyester, produced from recyclable materials. It is worth noticing that the rugs make part of a healthy production cycle, where the energy of production comes from offshore wind turbines, and all surplus heat is used for heating homes. In other words, when we manufacture rugs, there is no waste. All the rugs measure 65×156 cm / 25.6” x 61.4”.

”Shades are the result of how, in a nuanced way, you can bring together colours by help of points. Two basic colours are graduated to make an interesting result. The rugs make it easy to add an exciting colour splash to your home ”

– Anne Qvist, Designer