K2 Table



Customizable product

Delivery: 5-6 weeks


Base: Black or white as standard (customizable)

Top: Linoleum or laminate (customizable)


K2 Table is an innovative version of the traditional height adjustable table.
With its angled but very sturdy frame, the K2 Table markedly stands out from the crowd of other height adjustable tables. Because of the modern design, the desk’s visual expression makes K2 Table well suited as a desktop in the boss’ office, but also in large and small office environments.


K2 Table can be combined with several matching products, which add to the work enjoyment:

– K2 Screen creates a graphical appearance, betters the acoustic, can be used as a bulletin board and simultaneously contributes to a bit more privacy

– A cable tray is incorporated under the desktop, so you don’t visibly see wires for the height adjustability function

– Option to choose a tabletop with cable slits which makes wires from the computer screen easy to hide

– JP-desk-drawer can be placed under the tabletop and protects items as keys, notebooks and ball pens

How to use

Functionality has been the primary focus, when K2 Table was designed by Danish Friis & Moltke architects.
K2 Table helps you take care of your back and posture with its height adjustable function from 69 to 116 centimeters, which makes it possible to adjust the table exactly for you.
In that way you can alternate between sitting and standing during the workday.

In real life

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