K2 Seat Light



Customizable product

Delivery: 5-6 weeks


Base: Foam with upholstery (customizable)


Our K2 Seat Light pouf is a baby sister to the K2 Seat. We have removed the round cork bottom and replaced it with an anti-skid bottom that does not tilt. This gives you a pouf that can be used in multiple places in your office. The pouf is easy to move around because of the fastened handle that is integrated into the design.


The pouf is customizable so you can design it to fit your liking.
The anti-skid bottom makes the pouf stable to sit on.

How to use

– Use K2 Seat Light as an alternative office chair that can be pulled out from under the desktop

– Use the pouf in stores as practical furniture for the changing room

– Create a casual area by placing multiple poufs together with armchairs

– Can be used in schools as a pouf that is easy to move around

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