Customizable product

Delivery: 5-6 weeks


Wall units: 19mm MDF, oak veneer (customizable)

Fittings: Powdercoated steel (customizable)


Create unique solutions on the wall with our ELEMENTS 1200 modules. Compose different storage solutions depending on which function and storage the room should provide. ELEMENTS 1200 gives the room character and creates personality. ELEMENTS 1200 has a long-lasting expression, which never goes out of fashion, and is designed for JENSENplus by the architect duo, VE2, from the city of Aarhus, Denmark.


You determine the material, color and what the wall storage unit should contain regarding its storage function. You can create a product which is entirely unique and completely tailor-made to the room where ELEMENTS 1200 is placed in.
ELEMENTS 1200 can easily hang alone, but if several are combined, a distinguished and calm continuity is created. With its classical expression, you are sure to have a practical and iconic storage solution, which never goes out of fashion.

How to use

– Place ELEMENTS 1200 in the hotel room as a part of the entrance room or the living room.

– ELEMENTS 1200 can be used in restaurants and cafés and blend in with the pre-existing decoration or stand out with a striking material and color choice.

– Take advantage of the room’s white walls in a functional manner and create contrast with an elegant wall storage unit, e.g. in smoked oak, OSB, felt or painted MDF.

– Choose wall storage units coated in felt, which gives a good acoustic and simultaneously can be used as a practical bulletin board for notes or art.

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