Lounge tables

At JENSENplus we have different lounge tables in different sizes, which serves different purposes. The lounge table can be used as a coffee table, meeting table, bedside table or something completely different. We provide high quality lounge furniture, because we know that good craftsmanship pays off.

We believe in quality rather than quantity, and we believe that a smaller but very special range of lounge tables creates the most value for you. At JENSENplus you have the opportunity to tailor several of our products to suit your needs. We also have lounge chairs that will suit your lounge area.

The overall appearance of a room is immensely important and it is created by the perfect composition of furniture. Our passion is to provide the absolute best solution for you! Further down the page you will find inspiration and information about our selection of lounge tables and what other furniture you can combine with these.

Lounge tables for every room

A lounge table is a special piece of furniture, it gathers people around. The lounge table is becoming more and more popular both at home and at work, and there’s a good reason. The furniture designers have really taken care of the lounge table's many possibilities, and therefore it is today designed for all rooms and for all purposes.

At JENSENplus we have a narrow range - but nevertheless an assortment that covers most people's needs. We focus on creating tables that you do not find anywhere else, and we give our tables all the necessary love, as we enjoy good workmanship and great details.

The many uses of a lounge table

Lounge tables are today used for many different purposes. A few years ago, you only looked at the lounge table as another expression of a coffee table. Today, the lounge table is used quite like a coffee table, but it is placed just as often in the bedroom as an alternative to a normal bedside table or as a meeting table at the workplace. Designs are designed for different purposes, and at JENSENplus we offer different lounge desks that cover different needs. A high quality timeless lounge table can be a companion throughout your life if you feel like it and take good care of it.

Our lounge tables offers a very durable design

What should your lounge table express? The actual design on the lounge table means a lot. Often it may be a good idea to look at yourself as a person before making a final decision about the purchase of a lounge table. Often such a process happens completely unconsciously and helps creates synergies in your home furnishings as your furniture reflects your personality.

At JENSENplus, our design is based on the desire to cover a wide range of needs and wishes. Our designs, therefore, exude romance, minimalism, volume, diversity and much more, where you can make the most of it yourself.

Meet the lounge tables of JENSENplus

ROD5 - The classic lounge table

ROD5 is a lounge table designed to promote dialogue between people. One of the biggest challenges of conversations between several people at a time is that more participants are passively involved, which is often due to the interior design of the room, and especially the table. A round lounge table does not divide people into a hierarchy, but allows everyone to see each other in their eyes because of the lounge table's round shape. The lounge table is available in several different variations, allowing you to customize it according to your wishes. The many combination options make the layout of the lounge table customizable, regardless of the environment in which it is placed. As a companion to the lounge table, the HOYO Lounge Chair can be used with many benefits to follow. Both furnitures has a robust expression that tremendously complements each other.

JP202 - when the goal is to be unique

It is not every day you see a concrete table as part of the decor. We live in a time when unique and different, almost is impossible to put a pricetag on. We want to differentiate ourselves from the crowd, and the more personally our home can be the better. Plus Circletable is a lounge table that fits perfectly into contemporary trends. Here you will find a table that is not seen in many other homes. The table transforms the raw and uncoated concrete material into a changeable and highly decorative element in your home. The lounge table is suitable as an alternative to a coffee table, where the unpolished material in a round table top will create a combined expression of robustness and softness. The lounge table, JP202, can be combined with HOYO Lounge Chair. The chair challenges the weight with an almost floating expression, which is a great contradiction to the slightly heavier table.

BLACKBOX Sidetable - When furniture unites

The lounge table is designed with the purpose of uniting two pieces furniture. The lounge table consists of two shelves, the top serving as the table top, and the bottom serves as the foot, which makes two furniture unite and flow together in an entirely natural way. The table creates life, and the lounge table helps create a minimalist and extremely functional lounge area, without it requiring a lot of space.

K2 Meeting S - Personal minimalism

The concept of Mikkel Bahr’s designs is simplicity and K2 Meeting S is a shining example of Mikkel’s simple design. The table has a sharp and minimalistic expression and can be used as e.g. a lounge table, a dining table or as a meeting table – only your imagination limits the possibilities. This table can with great advantage be used as a part of a table- and bench set. You only need to add the matching benchs from the K2-collection.

Combine lounge furniture and create exciting oases

The interaction between the different furniture types is essential for a complete the overall expression, whether it is in your home or at work. To complete the lounge table, it is absolutely obvious to choose one or more lounge chairs to create the perfect lounge area. Our lounge chairs, like our lounge tables, are designed with the purpose of uncovering different needs. We have timeless designs that can easily come true regardless of what expression you want to create in the room.

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