An important tool for presentation, teaching and conferences.
A lectern is an indispensable piece of furniture when you have a large lecture for many people, teach in auditoriums, hold conferences in large rooms or teach a smaller group of people. A lectern gives you some authority as a speaker, because you show seriousness while also having a handy tool at hand where you can put notes, paper and other important remedies. In addition, the rostrum works as a perfect base on a scene that you can always return to if you walk around on the stage.

Choose the expression of your new lectern

K2 speak lectern is JENSENplus' own design, which offers both an open and a closed appearance. Therefore, it is important that you always think the function of the speaker chair into the room where you want to use the chair. Consider whether the mood is mostly formal or informal in relation to the setting of the lecturer. The appearance of the lectern is of great importance since the purpose of the roctrum is to support the teachers or lecturers message, ensure stability and focus.

Meet our lecterns

Open lectern

If you choose an open lectern, there will be free viewing to, for example wires, paper and other objects. It may be an advantage, if you want to create an informal mood where there is room for improvisation and dialogue. The open lectern fits well into smaller rooms where lectures and teaching are held for a smaller group of people. In addition, an open lectern is a soft expression that fits into most rooms and does not take too much focus.

Semi open lectern

The semi open lectern is a perfect combination for both unformal lectures and more formal lectures. This design makes it available to hide papers, computer and water but still have the open sides. The full front can be useful for logo's and brand names.

Closed lectern

A closed lectern expresses seriousness and gives volume to a stage or podium. Therefore, it is important that a closed speaker chair has a lot of space around it, as the chair will otherwise seem compact and violent. A closed lectern has a high level of stability, which ensures 100 percent discretion when you host important conferences or lectures. You can easily hide everything from technical equipment to folders and notes in a closed lectern. If you choose a closed roctrum, you will have a table that will last for many years in the future, because you have the opportunity to choose a color and shape that fits exactly into your existing interior.

Additional equipment for your lectern


Consider whether the speaker must walk around the stage and want a headset or if it is enough that the speaker has a handheld microphone. Perhaps the speaker needs a built-in microphone in the lectern?

Light source

Should your lectern only be used for speeches, then it may be useful that your lectern has fitted a light source that you can adjust as needed.

Have you seen our conference chair?

The K2 chair has the same elegant expression as the K2 Lectern and works well in both conference rooms and meeting rooms.

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