Dining tables

The dining table is an important furniture in everyday life. This is where we gather as a family. The kitchen often goes under the designation as the heart of the house, but the dining room is at least as important. This is where we find time for each other and enjoy the good meal. The perfect dining table allows space for everyday wear but also to let the stories fly.

A good dining table is more than just necessary. It should be seen as a focal point where there is room for joy and intercourse with other people who are close to us. An investment in a dining table should preferably yield a return. Therefore, your money is well spent when buying a long-lasting dining table of solid materials. Our range of dining tables is filled with different materials, colors and sizes. Get inspired and get closer to your new dining table.

Finding the right dining table

Your new dining table can be found at JENSENplus. We have a narrow assortment, but the depth of the products we have is rarely found elsewhere. We tailor your dining table to fit your personal style and make your dreams of the perfect dining table to reality.

Before you buy a new dining table, you need to make up your mind about size and material beforehand. In addition, it is important to consider the purpose and location of the dining table. The dining table is used today more than previously as a multifunctional table. The dining table is used today, as the name indicates, to eat, but it is also used to do homework or other work, and it is perfect as a relaxed place for a conversation and a cup of coffee. At JENSENplus we focus on designing dining tables that are multifunctional, so you can use the dining table for the various purposes and gatherings with friends and family.

A dining table in Danish design

Danish design is innovation, quality and functionality at the highest level. Some of the biggest furniture classics are designed by Danes, and that we are incredibly proud of. Danish design is known worldwide to be in a class by itself and we guarantee that at JENSENplus you get the best of the best when you are looking for a new dining table in our assortment.

The designer behind our dining tables - Mikkel Bahr

Mikkel Bahr is a partner and chief designer at the renowned architectural firm Friis & Moltke. Bahr works with simple and honest forms of expressions and focuses heavily on creating functional and long-term furniture in terms of quality and design. Sustainability includes many things, and one of these is buying furniture you can use for many years. That's why you need timeless designs, as you get in Mikkel Bahr's furniture. Mikkel Bahr strongly focuses on the overall expression of his designs, and therefore his furniture is often found as a series. His series in collaboration with JENSENplus focus on quality and durability and of course, with a basic idea of creating an expressive and unique piece of furniture. Mikkel Bahr designs furniture that makes it easy to decorate the home, and where the load-bearing furniture works as an architectural and robust foundation for the home or workplace's interior design.

Our materials when building dining tables


An organic material that is simple and easy to keep clean. Linoleum has become more popular in recent years, which is because of its practicality and easy to maintain and an irresistible appearance with a soft and comfortable surface.


An easy-to-maintain material that is resistant to impact and discoloration. Laminate is a widely used material for dining tables, just because of the functionality of the material as well as the stylish designs that can be made.


Completely thin wood slabs cut out of tree trunks. Veneers is beautiful and durable at one and the same time. The material is widely used for dining tables and other table tops.


A very popular material for making dining tables. The oak is beautiful to look at and if you treat the dining table correctly and properly, they can last for many years. In addition, it is a 100% natural material that will only become more beautiful over time.

2 dining tables you should know about

K2 meeting - the classic dining table

After a long and stagnant working day, it's nice to sit at a dining table designed for the purpose of protecting your back and helping you get a good posture. K2 Meeting fulfills these requirements with its beveled frame, which is very robust. The slanted frame differs from the crowd and adds something special to the dining table.

ROD72 - The dining table with a lot of opportunities

ROD72 is the dining table with lot of possibilities. The dining table fits in everywhere and the dining table can be expanded in infinity. ROD72 can be used in private or at work but is particularly suitable for the latter. ROD72 is easy to maintain, it is stylish, timeless and classic, and you can put together as many tables as you want to. In addition, it is possible to tailor the table according to your wish, so the table creates the right expression. Besides it is easy to hide charger in the cable tray.

Dining chairs for your table

We have of course also dining chairs that fit your new dining table. Our range of dining chairs is classical and timeless, and they are very well-matched with our dining tables. Our dining chairs do also contain simplicity and clean lines as some of the most important features.

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