Storage for business

Our storage are designed for business purposes and provide the best conditions for employees in terms of storage, structure and order. In larger office environments, our storage solutions for business can also be used as foreclosure and space division of working spaces. Our storage solutions come with sliding doors as standard and are available in different colors. Danish design by architect Mikkel Bahr from Friis & Moltke gives a classic look, which will also be nice in the office landscape in 10 years. You will quickly sense the solid design in terms of the powerful stability that all our storage offer for business.

What type of storage should you choose for your office?

We have different sizes of storage for business in our range. This is because each storage solution covers a different need. There are various options you should consider before investing in new storage solutions for your business. What function should the shelf cover in everyday life? Should it be used as a practical storage module where employees can store papers, binder and office remedies? Or should the shelving be part of the lounge environment, for example, and create a cozy atmosphere? Or should the shelf be shielded so that guests and employees can sit undisturbed and concentrate? Our smaller shelves such as the K2 Depot 1800-1 are suitable for lounge environments, canteen areas or receptions. The larger storage like the K2 Depot 1800-3 work great as shielding between workplaces, since the height is ideal and the storage possibilities are endless. Consider additionally whether the shelves for business should be in line with the existing decor or stand out with a conspicuous color.

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