Storage is needed whatever it is your private home or at the office. At JENSENplus we create storage units in exclusive Danish design. This means, that you will get a combination of a functional storage unit and great looking design. Our assortments of storage come in different sizes, colours and suits all kinds of environments. In general, our storage helps you provide order and overview. We like to be innovative in our expression and design – always a step ahead.

When functional storage meets great design

All of our storage units are designed to meet your needs. At JENSENplus we have different storage that you can combine as you please. Storage is not just storage. Finding the right storage unit can be very complicated. We are here to rescue you. Therefore, we only use natural materials, so you are sure to get a long lasting and unique storage unit. We think, that good craftsmanship pays off and its clearly to see the difference. Much of our storage is designed by skilled architects. This gives you a great level of details and high functionality.

Storage for private homes

Are you struggling to find the right storage for your home? Don’t worry. We have the storage solution for you. Our storage units come in different sizes with different characteristics. Besides you can select the colour and material you like. This gives you the freedom to find storage for small and big rooms. Or the kitchen, living room or hall. Our design is timeless, so you can enjoy your storage form JENSENplus many years ahead. By collecting and building the storage you like it becomes easy to maintain your personal style and get a harmonic look which suits the already existing furniture.

Storage for companies

All of our storage units are built to pull of everyday wear and tear. Every single storage unit are placeable at work and provide you with long lasting design and great functions. Therefore, our storage comes in different colours and material combinations to secure a coherent atmosphere. You can look at our storage for companies as small design pearls supplied with a functional twist. Get a smart storage unit even though you don’t have much space.

Meet some of our storage units from JENSENplus

K2 Caddy

Suits the office as well as your bedroom

A perfect storage to place under or beside your work desk. We all know the issue when not having enough space for papers on the desk. Let K2 Caddy supplies you with extra storage in a smart and elegant way. This little caddy does not make much noise and can be designed as you like by picking from the colour box. Using K2 Caddy at your private home is also a good idea. How about a great alternative for your night table? Simple and timeless design with perfect storage.

K2 Depot 1800

Storage for every room

The storage unit K2 depot has so many opportunities. Comes in three different sizes and is perfect as TV table, storage for your living room or at the office. Very simple to slide the doors and hide all the mess. The different colours make it fun to collect the expression you want – no matter if you want a calm or wild expression.

K2 Depot 900

The little sister

Like K2 Depot-1800 this smaller version can be placed in different rooms. You can call this the little sister. A very useful storage unit for your living room or the entrance. Let the beautiful design be a part of your interior decoration and treat yourself with Scandinavian minimalism from Denmark.

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